5 Best Kodi addons for movies


Kodi’s popularity comes from its amazing support for addons which makes it highly customizable and offers access to an impressive selection of media content, despite the fact some of it is copyright-infringing or at least borderline illegal.

The true power of Kodi lies in its extensions which is precisely why we’re going to talk about the best Kodi addons for movies.

5 Best Kodi addons for movies

Not all the addons listed below provide movie libraries, but they can enhance your movie watching and management experience on Kodi. Check them all out below!


Plex is not a movie library but it is an excellent addon for managing your collection of streamable media, especially if you’re not happy with Kodi’s standard interface.

The good news is, Plex offers a free standard version that provides handy features such as sharing your library with other Plex users, suggestions from your own collection and library organization.

You can download Plex from the Official Kodi Repo.


Crackler is a free and 100% legal Kodi addon that provides numerous not-so-recent but awesome movies and even some newer ones. From Bad Boys II to The Rum Diary and Drive, you’ll find some watch-worthy titles if you decide to explore Crackler.

You can download and install Crackler from the Official Kodi Repo.


Netflix was probably deterred by Kodi’s association with illegal media content which is why they didn’t have an official addon for a long time. However, Kodi’s massive increase in popularity has finally motivated Netflix to join the club.

Netflix doesn’t really need an introduction – you’ll get the latest blockbusters as well as their exclusive movies and TV shows. Definitely a must have for any Kodi movie aficionado.

You can download Netflix from the alelec repo.


Covenant is the predecessor of Exodus, the well-known website-scraping addon. Lambda, the original creator of Exodus helped create Covenant, and just like it’s older sibling it can scrape over forty different websites.

You can download Covenant from the Colossus repo.


BENNU is another unofficial Kodi addon that’s practically the new version of Phoenix. It’s not as popular as its predecessor, likely because its interface is more advanced and not as user-friendly.

However, it’s worth getting used to it as it offers a ton of HD streams from all over the world.

You can download and install BENNU from the Colossus repository.

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