Anti-Gun Bill Prohibiting Unlicensed Open Carry in Public Buildings, Defeated

New Hampshire gun control bill HB 290-FN, prohibiting an unlicensed person from openly carrying a pistol or revolver in a public building, thankfully died today.

Open carry without a license has always been legal here in New Hampshire. This law would have made it a class b felony to openly carry a pistol or revolver in a “public building” without a license, which is currently only required to carry concealed. It’s important to note that if one were to “conceal carry” without the required pistol/revolver license, a first offense is only a “misdemeanor”. See TITLE XII Chapter 159 Section 159:4. Furthermore, no long guns were addressed in the bill so an unlicensed person would still be permitted to openly carry a rifle or shotgun in a public building. 

This bill would have imposed unnecessary restrictions on your right to keep and bear arms, while providing no benefit to public safety whatsoever.

There’s no limit to the idiocracy of the gun control crowd.

Here are the 8 reps that voted against killing the bill: Role call

Carey, Lorrie – Democrat Merrimack 26 Nay
Emerson-Brown, Rebecca – Democrat Rockingham 27 Nay
Manley, Jonathan – Democrat Hillsborough 03 Nay
McKinney, Betsy – Republican Rockingham 05 Nay
Moody, Marcia – Democrat Rockingham 17 Nay
Robertson, Timothy – Democrat Cheshire Nay
Spang, Judith – Democrat Strafford 06 Nay
Weed, Charles – Democrat Cheshire 16 Nay

Update: a 9th “Nay” listed on the role call – Baldasaro, Al – Republican Rockingham Nay
*It appears Rep. AL Baldasaro who called for the roll call to make sure it was on record, accidentally pushed the wrong button and filed a form to have his vote recorded as a yes vote.


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