New Hampshire House Passes Hemp Freedom Act

The 10th Amendment Center is reporting that the New Hampshire house has passed HB 153, which prohibits the hemp farmdesignation of industrial hemp as a controlled substance.

Hemp has been classified as a Schedule I drug since 1970 when the federal Controlled Substance Act was enacted into law by congress. Growing it without a DEA permit is a crime.  Hemp and marijuana are not the same thing. The Federal Government however, does not distinguish between marijuana and the non-psychoactive Cannabis (hemp), that’s used for industrial purposes.

The United States is currently the world’s top importer of hemp products, which range from clothing to nutritional and food products such as hemp oil and hemp seeds. It’s unfortunate that there’s a high demand for hemp products here in the US, yet the Federal Government prohibits domestic hemp production.

Many feel the hemp ban is kept in place to prevent American-produced hemp products from competing in the free market with powerful special interests in industry. Hemp is a more environmentally friendly alternative to many products such as cotton, paper, oil, plastics and others that could be produced locally.

If passed, the HB 153 would nullify the unconstitutional federal ban on hemp and possibly open the doors for hemp production here in New Hampshire. This would results in new jobs, more opportunities for local farmers, and give a boost to the local economy.

We encourage New Hampshire residents to call your senator and ask them to support HB153. You can find Senator contact information HERE. Be sure to use the rep’s name in your salutation and include your name and address.

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